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It’s no secret that being a business owner is more than just one job. You have many roles and responsibilities and each one is important. While running your business may be complicated, protecting it doesn’t have to be. That is where we can help.

We start with you — your thoughts, dreams and needs – then delve into your business, its needs and objectives before we start talking about an approach or strategy. We want our relationship with you to be collaborative so it can help you get where you want to go.

Take control of your businesses' future with an approach or plan designed to fit your specific needs or goals. 

Retirement planning<br/>

Retirement planning

Retirement plans are a key employee benefit and may help to both attract and retain quality employees. With regulations ever-changing, coupled with the needs of a growing business, our professionals can assist in creating a qualified plan that is designed for your business’ specific objectives.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
Simplified Employee Pension Plans
Owner 401(k) and Roth 401(k)
403(b) / TSA
Roth 403(b)
Roth 457
412(e) Plan

Employee Benefit Plans<br/>

Employee Benefit Plans

It is not uncommon that employee benefit plans are among the top three expenses outside the salary line item of a business. Along with our strategic relationships, we can assist in the evaluation, benchmarking and conducting an RFP to assist with both the design as well as the cost management of these important benefits.

Short-Term Disability Income
Long-Term Disability Income

Executive benefits &#38; deferred comp plans<br/>

Executive benefits & deferred comp plans

Our firm is proficient in the design and implementation of plans that are specifically designed to reward and retain your key management team.

Bonus Plans
Deferred Compensation Plans
Split-Dollar Plans

Business Succession Planning<br/>

Business Succession Planning

A well-developed business succession strategy is extremely important for both the business as well as the financial security of the owner’s family.

Employee Education Seminars<br/>

Employee Education Seminars

Our firm can provide ongoing education seminars designed to provide important information to employees. It is well understood that when employees have less financial stress, they'll often be happier and more productive on the job.

Key Person Programs

Key Person Programs

The success of a business is largely due to its key employees. We want to help protect your business from unexpected disruptions by making it “never a good day to quit” and working together with you to create financial motivations to keep those employees. While retention is important, there are circumstances that are beyond one’s control such as an unexpected death or disability. Our team can also assist with the implementation of a contingency plan to soften the financial impact should such an event occur.

1 Fee-based, and non-fee based financial planning is offered by financial professionals eho are investment advisor representatives fo Equitable Advisors, LLC, a SEC-registered investment advisor.